Dairy plant 500L/hour

Together with our partner, Jurry Hekking Metaal & Machinebouw delivered dairy equipment for a dairy plant in Limburg. The equipment consists of:

  • Flow pasteurizer 500 litres per hour in a skid with its own hot water supply. This machine is equipped with a duo-safety plate heat exchanger, separator and homogenizer. This flow pasteurizer is COKZ-worthy.
  • Milk buffer tank for pasteurized milk.
  • Filling machine for milk, yoghurt and custard.
  • Batch pasteurizer 500 litres with a quark cutting frame.
  • Installation with associated pipework form the milking room to the dairy plant.

Overhauled set

By trade-in obtained this beautiful set with:

Open curd maker 3.400 liters:

Overhauled and equipped with tools. Videos are available upon request. This curd maker comes from a Dutch cheese maker who produced 24 pieces of 16 kg cheeses per batch.


  • Stir / cut.
  • Drive motor frequency controlled.
  • Large spout in DN100.
  • Wall heating.
  • Various accessdoorories available.
  • The curd bed can also be compressed through the drive.
  • Possibility to add washing water.
  • Optionally available with a PLC controlled cheese maker program.

Associated brine bath:

Dimensions of the brine bath are 2150mm wide, 3.170mm long and 1.390mm deep.

The brine bath is equipped with a crane track with electric hoist.

This brine bath and the electric hoist are neatly checked.

Optionally available with a circulation system and / or heating.

Brine cages:

Four brine cages with dimensions: 1,750mm x 620mm x 1,200mm. Each brine cage has 6 layers and can hold 24 pieces of 16 kg cheeses.

These brine cages are checked and fitted with new brine nets.